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Second Hand Office Furniture

Second Hand Office FurnitureIf you’re looking for second hand office furniture, you’re in capable hands.

Second User Furniture has a wealth of expertise when it comes to supplying furniture that is affordable and of the highest quality, with our friendly team always happy to help you find the perfect used furniture for your office.

Also, if you’re looking to store and organise products effectively, whether it’s second hand desks or storage solutions, we have the perfect alternative!

Second User Furniture can enhance the overall appearance of your reception or meeting room, by providing you with beautiful high-quality second hand office furniture – allowing you kit out your work environment while also saving money.

So, if you need conference tables, reception desks, meeting room chairs or storage lockers, you needn’t look any further! The money you save can be well spent on customising your piece of furniture to fit in with the interior design of the rest of the room!

Sustainability is something we consider to be most important, hence why we offer a complete service. We can provide your company with an expansive range of second hand office furniture through recycling, buying and trading.

We have an extensive range of products in stock at the moment and you can use our Navigation Links at the top of the page to quickly find the products that your company is looking to purchase and if you need to find out any further information about a product on our website, you can get in touch with one of our sales team directly by calling 07944 508282.

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    Top quality products at reasonable prices
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    Delivery and installation can be arranged
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    Nationwide service
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    Space-planning facility available
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    Removal and disposal of old furniture

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