24 Jun 2019
June 24,19

Acoustic Office Pods

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Using a variety of materials throughout the workplace can help create spaces that influence wellness and productivity. Open-plan environments with hard floor surfaces do little to absorb sound, but insulation in raised access flooring will reduce echo, while the use of softening materials such as carpets, flooring made from natural fabrics such as hessian and.. read more →

Whether at home or in the workplace, the average person in the UK spends 9.5 hours a day sitting down. Although we are encouraged to get up and move around regularly, spending considerable time in a chair certainly highlights the importance of design. The Chair Exhibition The humble chair was the subject of a New.. read more →

29 May 2019
May 29,19

Iconic Designer Chairs

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When you are looking to equip your workspace with second-hand office chairs, you may be keen to find an iconic brand. Bagging a set of second-hand Herman Miller office chairs would certainly mean that you were getting quality furniture at a great price. Herman Miller Aeron Chairs These stylish chairs look ultra-modern, but they were.. read more →

Considerable effort is often put into the planning of a home interior. All those test pots to get right colour combinations, along with stylish furniture and the finishing touches are brought together to create a pleasant and welcoming environment. The same level of attention is often lacking when planning a workspace. There is plenty of.. read more →

Waste management is a growing priority for every business. Your company may be looking at ways to minimise waste or considering how you might achieve zero waste to landfill policies. It may not be the first point to spring to mind, but used office furniture should be part of the waste management plan. According to.. read more →