Considerable effort is often put into the planning of a home interior. All those test pots to get right colour combinations, along with stylish furniture and the finishing touches are brought together to create a pleasant and welcoming environment. The same level of attention is often lacking when planning a workspace. There is plenty of.. read more →

Waste management is a growing priority for every business. Your company may be looking at ways to minimise waste or considering how you might achieve zero waste to landfill policies. It may not be the first point to spring to mind, but used office furniture should be part of the waste management plan. According to.. read more →

It is a fact that many of us spend as much time at our desks as in our beds. For this reason, it is essential that we can sit in a comfortable and supported position. Buying second-hand office chairs is a great option for cutting costs and environmental impact, but with so much choice, what.. read more →

24 Mar 2019
March 24,19

The Office Furniture Package

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As a business owner, commercial architect or developer, you may be seeking a reliable office furniture supplier who can undertake the complete fit out of workplace interiors. 2nd User Furniture provides a comprehensive service, with the added benefit of ticking all the environmental buttons. Our team can supply the required quality and quantity of office.. read more →

Do Sit-stand Desks Benefit your Workforce? We know that a sedentary lifestyle is no good for our health. Our bodies are designed to move and we need to be active in order to keep fit and healthy, but standing is hardly a demanding fitness routine. Modern office interiors are full of stylish and ergonomic furniture… read more →