How to Update Your Office On A Budget Whether it be for your home study or your company office space, updating your office needn’t be difficult. Here at Second User Furniture, we have the perfect solution for you and show you how to update your office on a budget, without paying over the odds. Understandably,.. read more →

Reasons for Herman Miller Chairs Whether you’re renovating the office or moving into a new one, it’s inevitable you’ll want to choose furniture that blends perfectly with the rest of the room, so why not choose one of Second User Furniture’s Herman Miller chairs? In order to make your office stand out, there are several.. read more →

Second Hand Office Furniture Benefits As we all know, there are many aspects of second hand office furniture benefits. Second hand furniture has a bittersweet response amongst most of us, you tend to find that used furniture stores, auctions, car boot sales and charity shops are full of old treasures, that’s why at Second User.. read more →

16 Feb 2017
February 16,17

Used Office Furniture Benefits

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Used Office Furniture Benefits As always at the start of the year, the idea of office moves start to run through our minds and recruitment of new staff begins all of which involve buying more office furniture be it kit out that new office or in preparation for the growth of your team. But when it comes.. read more →

08 Jan 2017
January 8,17

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2017 Looks to be as busy as ever. We start the year with large quantities of quality used office furniture including over 500no. used meeting chairs, 400no. used 1400mm  desks, over 200 operator chairs and a large selection of used sofa’s and armchairs. If you’re  looking at new offices or just to.. read more →