Second Hand Storage

If you’re looking for a sustainable second hand storage solutions, you’ve come to the right place! At Seconduserfurniture, we have an array of solutions for you to choose from, specialising in offering second-hand drawers, cabinets and lockers, these have various adaptations that make them specifically useful for your requirements.

Although our furniture is used, the quality is never compromised! Our second hand storage are in very good condition and in some cases as good as new. We don’t stock products that have been defaced or damaged! The fact that our furniture has been previously owned makes it more affordable, yet maintains the high quality you would expect from a new furniture item. You could use the money that you save, buying second-hand furniture, to customise your furniture incorporating your unique eye for design.

Perhaps you’re wanting to maximise the space you have available; could you fill this with a bespoke display cabinet? Our Beech Tambour Cabinet is perfect for items that aren’t needed on a regular basis, giving you a perfect place to store products that you don’t require on a regular basis, but keeping them readily available for when your team require them. If you consider yourself to be a stickler for organisation, Seconduserfurniture can meet your desire for consistency- our second-hand storage can fit in with the interior of any room! Additionally, our range of storage cabinets can also offer added security – providing you with the opportunity to keep your files and products under lock and key.

At Seconduserfurniture, we have a range of second hand storage solutions that vary in size, shape and colour. Our range is multi functional ensuring you’re bound to discover something suitable for your office needs. We have furniture that is ideal for limited space, such as our Slimline Pedestals which can squeeze into the tightest of locations. Alternatively, if you want to utilise the space you have available; our Tall Tambour Door Cupboard offers functionality but can hold much more capacity. There are shelves within this product, providing you with a convenient way to store your valuables.