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Buying Used Office Furniture

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Buying Used Office FurnitureBuying Used Office Furniture

Is it worth considering buying used office furniture? The general consensus is that buying second hand ‘anything’ can mean limited choice, damages and marks, or obsolete items.

This may well be the case in many circumstances, but if you shop around, you can be surprised.

The www.seconduserfurniture.co.uk website shows a huge range of items, giving many options for people and companies looking for a new office, or to update their current environment.

Perhaps you are looking to add more office desks, or to put some breakout areas in. It may be an upgrade of office chairs or to put in a posh new meeting room.

They have all these in stock, can refurbish and modify their products and generally always come up with something suitable.

Careful furniture preparation, professional deliveries and full installation service ensures that everything is ready for use and looking great.

Used Office Furniture Saves Your Company Money

The main reason for choosing second hand office furniture would probably be price and you’d be right, there is generally a saving of between 50-70% on the price of new, quality office chairs, office desks and ancillary products.

Yes, there are much cheaper products available on the market through the internet and importers, but you really get what you pay for.

For example, you can buy a new office chair for as little as £49.99, whereas a good quality chair from Steelcase, Knowle, Orangebox, or others will be between £80-£160.

That doesn’t seem like a ‘used-bargain’, until you consider that the new price for the branded chairs would have been £400-£700, or more. Once you see and get a feel for the products, it’s easy to understand the mathematics.

Go on, it’s certainly worth considering.

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