Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair offers contemporary style and comfort. It is an iconic design for office chairs and the modern lines defy the fact that it was first brought to market in the 1970s.

It might be a highly desirable item of office furniture, yet it also comes at a cost. We’ll explain why it is a worthy investment and will also let you know how to buy Herman Miller Aeron Chairs at a discounted price.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Many occupations are sedentary, meaning we can spend more time sitting in our office chairs than sleeping in bed. Not only is this detrimental to our waistline, it can also lead to back pain and neck strain.

Businesses and small companies often think that purchasing cheap office chairs may seem like a wise investment, but long term staff absenteeism due to back problems is a common and far more costly issue.

The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair was specifically designed to provide workers with comfort and support.

  • The chair back follows the natural curvature of the spine, allowing workers to retain a good posture.
  • The seat shape was developed to provide good leg circulation even when workers are seated for long periods.
  • The armrests on these office chairs can be adjusted in both height and angle; alternatively, they can be completely removed.
  • The strong mesh material used on the chair is breathable, to prevent workers from getting hot and sweaty.
  • The lack of padding means that the chair becomes no less comfortable over time.

In short, every aspect of these office chairs has been designed with health and comfort in mind. That fact certainly adds to their value, but many other brands also showcase ergonomic features, so what other features help to stand the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair apart?

High-quality Office Chairs

The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair has been designed with considerable attention to detail. Every element contributes to a high-quality finish. To show their confidence in the product, each chair comes with a 12-year warranty. For a product that is put under almost consistent use, that is the mark of quality.

This product is built to last and if you consider the cost as a long term investment, it starts to look like a wise decision.

Office chairs with Minimal Environmental Impact

The other outstanding feature of the Herman Miller brand is their commitment to minimising the environmental impact. The company has developed energy-efficient manufacturing processes and make use of 100% green energy.

They have measures in place to operate zero to landfill, zero hazardous waste, zero air emissions and zero process water use.

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