Second Hand Office Furniture Benefits

There is plenty of evidence to show that providing your employees with a comfortable and appealing work environment can aid productivity and positivity. If the cost of kitting out your office interior is hard to swallow, open your eyes to second hand office furniture.

Second hand office furniture has quickly become a much sought after resource for companies and small businesses looking to equip their offices in a more cost effective method.

In fact, second hand office furniture and related keyword searches now receive thousands of searches each month on google, bing, yahoo and other major search engines in the United Kingdom

Pre-owned Office Furniture: The Best Quality for your Budget

There is no doubt that the latest task chairs, sit/stand desks and break-out room furniture is costly. To keep your purchases within budget, you may be looking at the cheapest end of the scale, but there is another option.

Top quality office furniture is designed to last. A few years of use won’t impact on the ergonomic design, the adjustable features or the contemporary styling.

2nd User Furniture selects the leading brands of used task chairs and associated office furniture when companies relocate, downsize, go into administration or have used office furniture that is in excess of requirements.

We thoroughly check and clean items, to ensure they are fully functional and look as good as new.

Quality Office Furniture without Compromise

Those stackable conference chairs may have only been sat on a handful of times. A re-branding exercise might result in the replacement of reception furniture which was less than a year old.

Being pre-owned doesn’t mean obsolete. With our eye for quality, we can assure you, there really is no compromise.

We hold an extensive range of stock, with many items in multiple quantities, so you’re finished interior can be fully coordinated.

We can even cover reception and break out chairs with fabrics to suit a customer’s colour palette, or remodel the tops of pre-owned desks, to ensure they are the perfect fit.

Benefits of Second Hand Office Furniture


The main advantage of used office furniture is being able to afford a brand that looks the part and keeps your team comfortable and fully operational.

Your dream of a modern office interior can be within your budget. What’s more, our quality second-hand furniture will have a longer life span than a cheap, new range.

Environmental Impact

Without office clearance and resale, perfectly good used office desks and chairs (some still well within guarantee) would end up in landfill. This is wasteful and unnecessary.

Our aim is to provide businesses with top quality items at a fraction of the cost, whilst also cutting the environmental impact.


2nd User Furniture is always purchasing fresh products; you can view our latest stock on the website. Our used-furniture selection isn’t limited to current trends, so you may find the perfect colour or style for your workplace.

If you have a specific requirement in mind, let us know and we’ll see what we can find. With over 30, 000 sq.ft. of warehouse capacity, you always have lots of choice.

Based in High Wycombe and serving businesses across the UK, 2nd User Furniture is happy to discuss your furniture wish list.

Call us on 07944 508282 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) or complete our online enquiry form.

Be assured, we prioritise customer service, offer prompt nationwide delivery and can assist with furniture installation.

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